Wednesday, March 9, 2011

for Molly Madison

The beginnings of an afghan:

see the two balls of yarn? it's extra thick and cozy!

This is the baby blanket I mentioned yesterday. The finished measurements should be around 28"x28" but I think I'm going to knit it longer, maybe 28"x36" ? I'm not sure yet. The pattern (a free one from Lion Brand) is a cinch, although I do get confused on the seed stitching sometimes.

I love love love the texture of the seed stitch

This is the first afghan I've knit. The needles are huge, size US 10 1/2 straights, and are 14.5" in length. That doesn't seem like a big deal right? Well, for one, when I'm knitting, the end of the needle reaches my elbow, so there's a lot of strain on my arm to hold it up. I think this blanket would be easier on circular needles because the weight would be more centralized. That said, this blanket knits up quickly because of the large needles and by holding two strands of yarn together.

close up

Yarn is Pound of Love in lavender. Also, I altered the pattern slightly. Instead of four alternating rows of knit and seed stitch, I decided to alternate eight knit and four seed stitch rows, because seed stitch takes more time.

(oh, next time I'll snap a photo of the other side. I guess you could say this is a reversible blanket, but really, the reverse side is just bumpy).