Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fuzzy Navels FTW!

Fuzzy Navels are delicious. Ours have orange juice and peach schnapps, but you can also add vodka. Beth and I spent some good time drinking and watching reruns of Alias... and I knitted a few more inches to Molly Madison's blanket.

sorry it's sideways...
Oh boy! We are finally a rectangle!!! 25"x26" !! I have anxiously been waiting for this moment!!! If I had any sense in me, I would have measured how wide each stripe is, and then I'd know how many more stripes to knit to reach my goal length. As it is, each seed stitch section is one inch and stockinette sections are roughly one and a half inches.

Bunny wanted some face time

I also purchased the best pet hair remover:

via petmedstore.com
The Furminator just feels like a good brush, you know? As soon as Berny saw it in my hand, she knew what it was =) It's not that she especially likes being brushed (she bites the brush) but I think she likes the extra attention. This brush really helps get the dead hair out from under the rest and it's supposed to help reduce shedding up to 90%, which would be awesome.

I am still deciding what sort of journal I'd like to house my 30 day of Lists... I'm debating on making one, using a small Moleskin, or the empty pages in my Moleskin notebook-made-day planner.

Anyway, have a good night!