Saturday, March 26, 2011


Call me crazy but there are a few new projects that are really piquing my interest (I say this because I still have SO many unfinished projects!)

One is 30 Days of Lists which is... writing lists for thirty days. But in a scrapbook-type way. Which I love. I used to share journals with a friend during school, and this challenge greatly reminds me of our journals. We clipped photos and doodled and colored, as well as gossiped and wrote notes back and forth to each other in it. I'm even considering starting a daily journal, along the lines of using it as an art journal. If I DO do this, I will probably wait until I'm not so stressed about school (read: when I graduate).

The second interest-peaker is actually a blog I've been following for awhile now. It's New Dress A Day ! I stopped sewing at the old apartment months ago, but after reading about the transformations Marissa has made, I am inspired anew. I even have clothes to chop up: a blue button-up polyester dress from Goodwill, a pink number that goes past my toes from YWCA, an actual silk purple blouse from a yard sale, and on and on. I've had these items for six months plus and finally have a good idea about where I want to take them =)

Update on baby afghan: not finished. As much as I want to finish it, it is really boring to knit, even with all that seed stitching. I have to hurry up though, because my deadline is early April. After that, I'll have to ship it to her. It is nearly a square, about 25"x22" but I want to make it about 25"x27" or 28." I think I mentioned that before.

It feels really nice to be blogging again. For the past few weeks I have felt like my head wasn't even screwed on right. But we are moved in to our cozy little house and it's just great =)

Happy Weekend friends!
also, big love to my friend Beth <3