Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer Socks

I finished these babies yesterday! From now on, socks shall only be knit with sport weight yarn; they're a breeze! (Scott's socks will certainly be knit with sport weight from now on)


It's Sereknity Yarn and Fiber and was won in a contest put on by Gina House of SleepyEyes. It is sport weight and 260 yards. I knit these toe up with Magic Loop and was determined to use all the yarn! I did end up using most of it, except the last yard or two.

I started with a 3.00 mm needle and switched to 2.5 mm for the ribbed leg because I was worried it wouldn't be snug enough. I think it was a good call because they fit beautifully!!

They are finished!! Sport weight socks knit up so quickly!! #socks #knitting #ravelry #toeup #magicloop

I am seriously over the moon with these! It might be because they are the quickest socks I've knit so far (only six days! I feel like those all-star sock knitters who whip out pairs before you can blink. Yes, Andi, I mean you!) It also might be because I love hand-knit socks and now I have another pair!

Happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here!

(Progress photos can be seen at this post)