Thursday, May 31, 2012


The other day I wrote a post and it did something funny to the blog layout, so I ended up deleting the post. If you happened to see the post before it was deleted, it was about the cutest dinosaur, aka Terence the Tap Dancing T-Rex! (pattern by Rebecca Danger). Only something this cute could interrupt my sock knitting. Seriously.

Yarn for the dinosaur is Araucania Nature Wool Multy, and it's knitting up so beautifully! So far I have knit the body and am just closing the head. I am already dying from the cuteness. Pictures soon!

Pretty yarn cake about to become a tap dancing T-Rex! #yarn #knitting #rebeccadanger
Araucania Nature Wool Multy...all caked up

I am still knitting these socks but not at full force. I just finished the heel flap and only have the leg left. Progress:

Scrappy socks progress: just the leg and cuff left. #knitting

I received some bad family news yesterday, and depending on what happens, I may be less present here in the coming weeks. But I am praying for the best.

I hope you all are enjoying the end of your week :)