Monday, June 6, 2011

Working for the weekend

A little recap of the weekend:

Saturday: I was finally able to make it to Farmer's Market! I met Tera there, and it could not have been a more beautiful day! I bought a couple bunches of carrots from Tubbee and Long, but they did not have cucumbers yet (it is too early). Next weekend I'll have to buy more carrots, though, because we've already eaten half of them! They are so sweet and crisp; I have missed carrots.

Tera and I also happened upon a cart of free books outside of Fact & Fiction. We almost didn't stop, but I am so glad we did. They are the advanced copies sent to bookstores and can't be sold. I took Isabel Allende's memoir The Sum of Our Days, Ray Bradbury's We'll Always Have Paris, Ann Brashare's 3 Willows, and a couple more.

After the Market, Scott and I went camping...even though I was still hesitant because of the ticks. We were almost there when I realized I forgot my sleeping bag... Instead of my suggestion of me sleeping in the running car (joke), we turned back and borrowed one from his parents, which was quicker than returning home and grabbing mine.

This was the maiden voyage for Scott's new tent. It's a two-person and is supposed to have an impeccable rain fly. We'll have to do some west coast camping to test that. I remember camping in Oregon a few years ago with a tent that wasn't very water proof and we didn't have a tarp. We got soaked. On top of that, the place we camped was near a stream and there were slugs EVERYWHERE. Never again.

june2011 001
Scott's new tent!

The campsite we stayed at had been occupied recently. The last campers left us plenty of firewood. They also had built a little lean-to, which we stored the wood in. I am getting pretty good at splitting logs =)

june2011 003

june2011 005
New little camp stove! cute, huh?

We set up camp around four or five pm (would have been earlier had I not forgotten my bag...) and there was plenty of daylight. I hate trying to set up a tent or make dinner in the dark. I even had a few hours to knit and read! I brought my socks to work on, and they still smell like campfire =)

Sunday: We walked around the area a bit. It was gorgeous:

june2011 013

june2011 021

june2011 008

june2011 016

june2011 017
can't you just imagine the little squirrel eating his pine cones here?

And guess what the very best part was? No ticks!