Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book posts: ETA Sundays

I've decided to write a book post every Sunday, to review what I'm currently reading, what I want to read, etc. As it is, my To Read books take up a shelf of their own in a bookshelf. I think this will be a good way for me to keep reading, since it often gets sidelined because of other things.

Garter-Ridged Hat

In other news, my cousin Katja loves the Garter-Ridged hat so much, that I sent it to her =) It tickles me when people want to wear my knit stuff!

Baby blanket for Molly Madison

I am also fiiiinally sending the baby blanket I knit for Molly Madison...she's probably outgrown it by now though. But I washed it to see how it would wash up, and it's so much softer now! I think it will only get softer with every wash too.

 Perhaps this rain will let up soon? I have Saturday off again so I'm definitely going to Farmer's Market again!

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