Saturday, June 18, 2011

FO: Round Ripple

knitcrochet 005

2011 Knit/ Crochet challenge: 22 down, 38 to go!

knitcrochet 006

I began crocheting this afghan at the start of 2011 I believe. I neglected it for a few months but finally pulled it out of the closet to work on it. Mainly to continue whittling my yarn stash, but also to have a new afghan! In hindsight, the brown rows are entirely out of place, but I do enjoy the other colors.

Also, it clashes awfully with our plaid couch!! But I'm blind to it, unless I look at it through other people's eyes.

There's some Red Heart, Caron's, and Jo Ann's Sensations. I think those are the only brands I used, if you can believe that. Crochet hook is 5.5 mm. And the pattern is Lyn's Round Ripple afghan which I also used when I made Beth's afghan. I absolutely LOVE this pattern!

To give you an idea on how large this one is, it almost fits our queen sized bed. That is, it doesn't quite touch each side or hang over at all. It would work nicely on a twin though!