Saturday, June 18, 2011

FO: Espresso

knitcrochet 002

2011 Knit/ Crochet Challenge: 23 down, 37 to go!

I'm not so sure this one should count towards the challenge because I started it in June. LAST year. But this was the first afghan I started to crochet! Since starting it, though, I've started and completed at least four or five other afghans. I chose this pattern (which I got from Michaels, I think. One of those free project sheets) as my first afghan because I thought it would be easy and simple. But it was very monotonous. And it's not very large either. Comparatively, the Round Ripples were much more interesting and fun to crochet than this one.

Yarn is Caron's One Pound in espresso and cream.

And now it's finished one year later!!