Saturday, December 4, 2010

BL's Afghan... Finished

Today I finished BL's afghan!

Yep, about thirty minutes before work, I sewed my ends in and folded it up =)

In total, the diameter is about 50 or 60 inches, I can't remember. I am very pleased with the color combination! I used JoAnn's Sensations for the variegated stripes and Caron's for the dark blue and lilac.

Hopefully, this afghan will keep BL's sofa warm too!!
I can't quite remember when I started this project, but it has taken at least three or four months. I know this afghan could be crocheted in a week if one didn't take breaks =)

Close up!

This is my first ripple afghan, and I found the pattern here.  I think it is very beautiful and looks more intriguing than a simple square, single crochet afghan. As it turns out, the size I made is more appropriately called a lapghan, but it's a little larger than the normal lapghan (I think).

Happy belated Birthday, BL!!