Monday, December 20, 2010

Hats hats hats! Just one, actually

I decided I should really work on Nate's hat before starting I did. The pattern is from Knit Simple's KNITTING WORKSHOP magazine, a collection of all Knit Simple's most popular patterns. I absolutely love this magazine! I don't think I've knitted anything from it yet, (the sock pattern I'm following is in this mag too) but I have been looking over it for months.

So Nate's hat will be striped with red, black, and blue. I still need to purchase the black and blue yarn. I almost did yesterday when I was at Jo Ann's, but decided not to. Silly me.

Scott works all day today, so I'm going to wrap his presents!! I still want to give him something else...but not sure yet. I'm also going to clean a lot: bring recycling to the center, clean the litter box, wash dishes. Maybe even bake more cookies ;)

Happy Holidays!