Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FO for Nate

Add a cat. And bunny butt

Finished Nate's Christmas hat!! I'm calling it Stripedy Stripe Stripe.

Scott modeling hat for Nate!

Pom pom!!!!!!!!
 Paton's Wool Classic yarn, size 8 Clover bamboo dpns, and I still have a lot of yarn leftover. Colors used: Bright Red (maybe Cherry Red?? lost the tag), Aquamarine, and Winter White (so appropriate, eh?)


Cutie =)

Hat with fake cat

The window seat is a good place to take photos, except the window light creates an eerie blueness:

I realize after taking this photo, that this is the back of the hat... note the odd white stitch in the blue row =(

Now I need to make one for dear boyfriend =)