Saturday, April 5, 2014

I clinched it!

I am so excited about my recent finished object!


It's Clincher by Ash Kearns, and was part of an Instagram KAL. I used Black Market Wool in H2Go and some pink scrap yarn (I think it might be Mad Tosh).


I love that it clinches on itself and stays put, it's genius! Sometimes when I'm running around work my scarf tails are in the way or I find the whole thing starting to slide. I can see already how perfect this pattern is :)


I found it to be very well written and super easy to knit; great for tv or book knitting. 

The technical bits: I made no modifications. I knit to 102 stitches because I was afraid I would run out of yarn by the time I reached 112 stitches (the pattern has you finish on a number divisible by 10, plus 2).



I love it!!!

I also finished a Kindle cozy for my mom.

Kindle cozy for mom

Hmmm.. I've been knitting a lot of green things lately, haven't I? :) We gave my mom a Paperwhite for her birthday and she was so excited. It still bemuses me that my parents are entering the technological age; my dad has an iPod and mom has a Kindle.

This is my favorite cozy pattern. I've knit it a few times before. It's called Cable Kindling by Rachel Ack. It's great except......... for some reason I knit it on US 4 instead of US 5!!! I have no idea why I did it and when I realized they were size fours I couldn't believe it. The thing is teeny but it does fit, thank goodness! I did a three needle bind off and it looks a lot neater than the Kitchener one I did on Scott's mom's cozy, so I have to remember that for the future.

As far as WIPs go, I have two:

Sock progress. I'm using @carbonsoup 's brilliant suggestion of knitting my dad's socks in tandem with a pair for me. It's working!! Since starting dad's socks, I finished one sock that's been taking me forever! Hurray! On another note, I spent the mornin  

One is a pair of afterthought heels in Knit Picks Felici, colorway High Tide. The second pair is for my dad, in Knit Picks Stroll Sport, colorway Stream Heather. His birthday is May 3 and I would love to give them to him then. I am super worried it will take me longer though, mainly because the first pair I knit him took me about two years. Yikes. Sheralynn suggested I knit his pair in tandem with a pair for me, and so far it's been working wonderfully. I make sure to knit on his before working on mine.

In other news, we acquired an electric pencil sharpener, so I had to buy real pencils. And I love it :) I like the ultra sharp tips and I like the smell. We are so in business for crosswords now (we usually fill them out in pen but then it sucks when you make a mistake...)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!! We've been invited to a BYOM barbeque party tonight.... Bring Your Own Meat........ LOL when Scott told me that I said ewww! and he said that's exactly what someone else said in response. Yep.

:) bye!!