Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Star Trails socks

Hi friends!

Mom's Easter cake
this is the Easter cake my mom made!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! We spent the day cleaning the house and then had dinner with our families together. I couldn't resist dyeing eggs at the last moment...actually it was more like I decided to dye them right after Scott suggested we clean the house... :) I used food coloring and Kool-aid because I hadn't purchased any egg dye. The Kool-aid worked ok, except I found it makes the egg also taste like Kool-aid! Just a PSA for anyone who thinks they might want to dye eggs with Kool-aid in the future... (I haven't eaten one dyed with food coloring yet)

I finished these socks:


Pattern: Honey Badgers by Irishgirlieknits
my Ravelry project page  --  April 10 - April 22
Yarn: Lynai in Star Trails
Needles: US 1 - 2.25 mm
Modifications: the pattern has two charts; one to be worked on the leg and one for the foot. The difference between the two charts is the number of rows between eyelets. I decided to knit from just one chart so the pattern would be the same. I believe I used the foot chart. I also used a Fish Lips Kiss heel rather than the pattern's heel.


This is pair ten of thirteen! I think when I reach thirteen pairs I will change my goal. Maybe I'll aim for twenty pairs...

FLK heel


I really like the pattern! It is easy to memorize and adds just enough interest that the socks aren't completely mindless but still fun to knit if you are concentrating just on socks and nothing else.


In other news, I have started selling yarn on eBay. It started as an eBay promo but it was so exciting when the first yarn sold that I listed more. The yarn is from my stash that I will most likely never ever knit. I am still going through my stash and will likely add more things as I find them. It is kind of hard to part with yarn, especially if it had a purpose at one point. But it is much more appealing to me to reclaim that space. Anyway. If you are interested, my listings are here. I have Knit Picks Telemark listed at the moment. If you are not interested, thanks for indulging me for a minute :)

I really can't believe it's Wednesday already, hurray!! I hope everyone has a fabulous week!!! x