Monday, September 30, 2013

a good weekend

Made grandma's chex mix today ... Always means that it's fall

This weekend I made my grandma's chex mix. It's really amazing how taste can bring memories and feelings to the present. My mix didn't turn out as good as I remember her's being, but it is still good. I am planning to make more batches for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. It was always her tradition to make it during the fall and winter; I can't remember a family gathering that didn't have it.

I also finished my dad's socks! Holy cow. Now, I want to have good thoughts and feelings tied to these socks because they ARE for my dad, but I can't help but feel they've cast bad sock juju on me this year. I know I've mentioned them before, but last year I knit them for my dad's Christmas gift, and I knit knit knit the weeks before, and finished them on Christmas Eve...and then they were too short. It was ridiculously easy to lengthen the toes, but I avoided them like the plague. And every time I started a new project or worked on something else, I felt very guilty for not finishing his socks. With enormous thanks to Andi's Get it Done KAL/CAL, I found the push to finish them. And guess what? THEY FIT!

Wooo hoo! I finally finished my dad's Christmas socks!! (From 2012...they were too short and it's taken me this long to lengthen them)

I have also finished two critters from Rebecca Danger's new book 50 Yards of Fun:


These little guys are so much fun to knit! So far I have knit the Itty-Bitty Bat and the Half-Sized Hippo :) I think the fox is next. They are quick since they only use about fifty yards of yarn. I put all my worsted weight odds and ends in a basket so I know what I have. I would love to knit it all down!

I hope everyone has a great week, stay warm!