Saturday, September 14, 2013


Wow, thank you everyone for the nicest comments on my post about our Canada vacation! Thank you for reading through it, because I know it was super long!

Lately we have been obsessed with the tv series White Collar. There are three seasons on Netflix right now, and we've watched all of them in about two weeks... :) not really, but maybe...

Yesterday was Scott's birthday and I think he had a good day :)


I picked up my Hue Shift afghan again:

Two finished quadrants, two left to knit! #hueshiftafghan #iloveagoodwip

and am pleased to say I've finished the first two quadrants!! Now I'm aiming to knit one square a day. If I keep up, I will be finished with all four quadrants at the beginning of November! Then I will have to seam them together and add a border. I reaaally want to finish it before the end of the year. Cross your fingers for me please! It's really nice to work on it now that the weather has cooled down.

I am also working on September's Woodland Sampler block:

Rainy Sunday ☔☁ football in less than one hour! #woodlandsampler

Aaaaand, in honor of her first design, Melissa is hosting a KAL for Rachel's Shawl! It is a gorgeous lace shawl and from now until the end of October, Melissa is donating all proceeds to a wonderful cause, which I think is just outstanding and generous.

Happy Weekend, friends :)