Sunday, September 22, 2013

a few things

Oh yes, it was a good weekend. Thank you for the well wishes, I do feel a lot better! I still have the occasional cough but my energy is good.

I did not work on my yo-yo's at all, except to iron the circles and find a thimble.

I did make a Sock Sack!! and I love it!!! I wanted to wait to use it until I had a new sock project because I'm holding out for Andi's October KAL (but I couldn't wait so I put a WIP in)

sock sack
Those are my dad's Christmas socks... from last year if you remember.

It's a great pattern and I think anyone with some sewing experience would have no problem! And I really do mean this: if I can sew it, you can too, because my sewing skills are....... ok. haha!!

sock sack
just needs ribbon!

I made a few Christmas gifts too:


I always have this vision of filling a box with Christmas gifts and being completely finished well ahead of the day. It hasn't happened yet but every year I try :) I am planning to knit hats with Stefanie in her Beanie-a-long, and I have a few people in mind to knit for.

And my Rachel's Shawl is growing:

Rachel's Shawl

which I will blog more about at Girls in Sheep Clothing :))

here's to a great week, cheers!