Saturday, October 5, 2013

a little BALWM

Beanie-a-long information here!

I decided to cast on Whitecaps Hat by Emily Wessel in Cascade 220 heathers. I really like this pattern, and think it will be very nice in worsted weight. I will be sending it to a friend who lives up north, because she has been so kind to me.


Today was such a beautiful day! It reached 60 degrees and was very sunny all day. I even hung some socks out to dry :) they didn't fully dry but I savored it because it's most likely one of the last days I'll be able to hang them outside until spring.


It's frosted the past few nights, so we cleaned out the garden. All of the marigolds and cosmos were wilted. The tomatillos did not get very big before the frost either, but I'm hoping Scott will make his tomatillo salsa with the ones we saved :)

I did a little shopping last week:

 leg warmers and hats and...

It's kind of funny that I buy all of this fabric, because I am not very good at sewing! But when I see these cute prints, I can't help myself. The skein on the far right is tweed! I haven't knit with tweed yarn before and am pretty excited about it.

Ok, time to make a pumpkin shake :) if it turns out, I'll let you know!