Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday is here!!

Woot! I always look forward to the weekend, but today I am doubly looking forward to it. I have been sick all week (nothing too serious, just an annoying cough) and staying home on the couch and crafting sounds like bliss. I have a few fresh sewing projects to work on too!

 about to make yo yos for the first time - any tips?

The tree in the magazine photo is made up of yo-yos! I have never made a yo-yo before but I think I will get the hang of it; I have to sew 75 of them! All my fabric circles are cut so I am all set, just dragging my feet now :)

And I am going to sew a Ramona Rose Sock Sack!! (finally, hehe) I am so late coming to the party, but I've finally built up my courage to try it. I found some really cute Thanksgiving prints and I am excited! Vanessa from Instagram turned the dividing section into a zippered pocket, and Ramona Rose made a tutorial for it! So I will try to make one too.

What are you guys planning to do this weekend?
Hope you have a good one!