Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wonderful Monday

Yes, I am still talking about Monday. This is because it was a LOVELY mail day yesterday!

The first package was from Allison at field wonderful. She had a giveaway the other week for Job's Tears, and she was so nice and ended up sending all of us a package!

from field wonderful

from field wonderful
I love handwritten notes so much <3

I just love that she made her own envelope!! I am definitely going to try and make my own too!

Job's Tears
Job's Tears

Thank you so much, Allison, for the Job's Tears! They are so beautiful. I had never heard or seen Job's Tears before. I am so excited to make something with them! I am considering a necklace and maybe some nice, lightweight stitch markers.

And, Allison is having another giveaway right now! What a kind and generous lady. Visit her blog and enter to win a beautiful skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn!

Job's Tears

The second package is the cutest thing ever!!! It's from Casey at Tangerine Designs and as soon as I saw the photo of this bag, I wanted it:

The cutest knitting bag ever!!
The Lorax is KNITTING!!!!!!!


My socks fit perfectly, with plenty of room to spare. I really like the cinch closure at the top and it is so well crafted. With my socks and yarn in the bag, it sits perfectly up by itself :) It is the perfect knitting bag! I really am looking forward to a long and loving relationship with my new Lorax knitting bag!!

Tangerine Designs!!

I also adored these pins so much, so I bought them too. Hehe... I think they are just so cute!

Thank you, Casey, for the most adorable knitting bag and pins ever! I think she had listed three Lorax bags on her Etsy, and they were all snatched up like that! Casey has a bunch of other cute knitting bags, like Star Wars and anatomical hearts with knitting needles, and notions on her Etsy, check it out! Also, help her celebrate her Etsy one year anniversary in the month of June!

Now I have to get back to knitting! Happy Tuesday!