Monday, June 25, 2012

WIP Monday

What's on the needles:

Cabled afghan

I pulled this faux cabled afghan out again because I really would like to finish it. I vowed to knit one twelve-row pattern repeat a day. So far, I have pretty much stuck to it, but it's only been three days since I made that vow! Right now it's 36" long! I started with six skeins and I'm on the fifth now. I think I will need to buy one or two more.

Heel turn!

Happy/Elate socks are still going! This photo is showing my wrap and turn heel. I am becoming more comfortable with this technique. As far as progress on the socks, I am actually past the heel flap and am on the leg. I'm not really knitting this at full force, just when I need some easy knitting :)


Tina the Tap Dancing T-Rex is happening! This photo is a bit dated, she has arms, a tail, and a belly panel now! I have one of her legs almost finished, and will just need to knit a second. Legs and arms are the worst parts for me - I always dilly dally on them!


The card I made for my dad, for Father's Day. We celebrated last night since they were gone last weekend.


I had to sneak two photos of Berny in... the other day she was lying on the couch, halfway on this blanket. The rules are she can be on the couch as long as she's on a blanket. So I pulled the blanket up under her rump and she fell into this position (with her rump more elevated than her head)... and stayed in it! It was so cute.


Happy Monday everyone!