Saturday, October 29, 2011

FO no. 33! Starfish Hat

This pattern is from 60 Quick Knits, designed by Anne Farnham. It was also a KAL on Ravelry. Even though I've been wanting to knit this hat since I bought the book, I probably wouldn't have knit it without the push from the KAL. Things are always easier when you have support, aren't they?

Starfish Hat
Thanks to Scott for taking these pictures

2011 Knit Challenge: 33 Knit, 27 to go!!

I used Cascade 220 in a pale yellow. I did not make any modifications.

Starfish Hat
There's a lot going on in the side photo, but it's hard to see. Bobbles, ribbing, reverse ribbing...

The starfish on top is so cool! And it was formed all by decreases. Amazing.

Starfish Hat