Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day Six: Least Favorite Animals

Day Six

I've decided this list needs a little elaboration. Partly because the photo is a bit smaller (that's because the rat is so much bigger than my other lists!) and because I sense there are controversial animals up there. So I do apologize if you actually do like shih tzus, because I don't mean to offend you.

Least Favorite Animals: 

* Hairless anything (including hairless mice/rats, hairless cats, naked mole rats). They're just too wrinkly. And why would you want to pet a HAIRLESS cat when you can pet a HAIRY one? It doesn't make sense to me.

*Shih Tzus. Squashed up face anything turns me off. I have seen puppy shih tzus and I have seen old shih tzus, and they are never cute. Especially when they're older. I don't think I'll ever jump on this train.

*Monkeys. Some are cannibalistic.

*Eyeless fish (err...the fish who have evolved to not have a need for eyes). Creepy!

*Snails, Slugs, Centipedes. They're slimy and sticky, and I still haven't gotten over the video I saw in 8th grade about snails with eye defects. And centipedes have too many legs.

*Ferrets are smelly and are like really long rats.

*Squirrels, but only the one that bounced on our tent when we were camping. That was scary!

*Crows, because no matter where you go, they are loud and annoying. And I think there are plenty of other quiet scavengers out there.