Monday, October 10, 2011

FO no. 26: Mock Cable Wristers, again

For Aunt Linda

2011 Knit Challenge: 26 down, 34 to go! (I'm really slacking)

This may be my last pair of Mock Cables ever again. It's my third pair and I think it's time to try some real cables. But I do LOVE this pattern! It's still one of my favorites.

Patons Classic Wool, it's leftover from when I knit KayCee's Griz colored ones. And there's still a lot of the skein left.

I can only imagine what my grandma will say when she sees I made these for Aunt Linda! The other day we were all together and mom showed grandma some fingerless mittens in a book. Grandma said, "I don't understand why people would wear those" (meaning, what's the functionality of them? They're not keeping your fingers warm!) But mom interjected that they're "driving gloves" which is how I'll present them to Aunt Linda. lol (note to self, never make grandma fingerless mittens!)

For Aunt Linda

Oh yes, third time is a charm, because I finally got the cable on the right hand to be centered!! Perhaps it is the pattern, or the way I am misreading it, but the first two pairs I made, the right hand cable was a little skewed to the right. I remedied this by starting the thumb increases about three or four stitches from when the pattern says to.