Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 13: DIYs I Want to Try:

Day 13

I haven't been keeping up with the 30 Days. It's actually kind of difficult. Instead of limiting myself to everyday for one month, I'll post a list when I write one, even if it's not everyday (otherwise I end up posting like five in one day). Which might defeat the purpose of a 30 day challenge. I will try harder :)

Meanwhile, in this household, we've had a few health issues recently. The most serious is Scott's staph infection, which we thought was MRSA. We only just found out yesterday (when I went to the doctor) that it's not MRSA, thank goodness. But I think he received the wrong antibiotics so he needs to get his infection rechecked.

Lately it's been foggy mornings but sunny afternoons, a little bizarre. And it makes for a slow day.