Friday, October 28, 2011

FO no. 32: Harriet the Haberdashery Hippo

Squeee!! She is too cute!


2011 Knit Challenge: 32 Knit and 28 To Go!!


I used Cascade 220 in orange. I bought it in Helena on the Shop Hop. And this is a pattern by Rebecca Danger!

I am very pleased with how this hippo turned out! Even though she does have her imperfections... mainly being I knit her legs on wrong so she has saddlebags, and her left arm is longer than her right. And I used buttons instead of safety eyes (the gal at Jo Ann's said they didn't carry them, but they really do) so her eyes stick out a bit.

And I've decided it looks better to close up each arm hole/ ear hole/ tail before sewing them on to the body. I loved stuffing her! (that sounds dirty, doesn't it?) And putting the eyes and embroidery one was fun too.

Harriet and Berny

But she seems to get along well with Berny.