Saturday, September 25, 2010

Go Griz!

Today we celebrate, nay, go 100% berserk, for college football. It's homecoming for the Grizzlies and every year a parade closes down one of the busiest streets in town for hours. Almost impossible to detour around, you have to connect to the interstate and then pop back into town two blocks away from where you originally were, all because of this silly parade. School spirit is one thing, fanaticism is another.

Unfortunately, this past week I have been sick. I think it started with a sore throat/sinus thing which worsened over the weekend of camping and campfire, added with not enough sleep plus school and work strain. During the week I probably wasn't drinking as much water as I should have been, but now that it's the weekend and I'm doing things leisurely, I'm trying to drink a lot (of water).

I brought my grandma's sewing machine out of retirement (my parents' shed) and started sewing! I found a bunch of shirts at YWCA Secret Seconds for only $1 apiece (score!!) and altered them so they'd fit me. Several fit me already, but the entire experience makes me feel incredibly creative and thrifty. When I wear an item that I've adjusted, I just feel good ^-^ Originally I planned on shooting before and after pics, but these items are mostly just taking in the sides and kind of boring. If I have an outfit that requires a lot of cutting and sewing, I'll definitely post.

I will post update pictures on my afghans soon!!
Happy Weekend!