Sunday, October 3, 2010


The leaves are already changing colors!
I haven't worked on any homework this weekend!
Scott received his diploma finally!
I can't wait to eat an enchilada for lunch!
It's supposed to rain tomorrow!
I can't stop buying crochet/knit books!

...all thoughts that have been in my mind this morning.

All my life, when something peaks an interest in me, I go nutso for it. This is evident in my spare bedroom, my parents' shed, my closet... for awhile I was really big into bead work and making my own beaded jewelery. Then it was, and still is off and on, photography. Of course, you can't just snap the photo without displaying it I got into scrapbooking. Majorly. That interest lasted quite a long time, and I still dip into my big box of paper from time to time, but not to make cards. Now that I'm back into crochet, all those previous hobbies have taken the back burner. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be a person who just has to delve into every art and craft, with no real reason to, just because. The problem with doing this, is that I never get super experienced at said craft, because I don't devote years to it. Perhaps crochet will be the first craft that sticks with me, that holds my interest.

I got off on a tangent, but when I am obsessed with something, I have to completely immerse myself in it. This means buying knit and crochet books, magazines, and checking out knit and crochet dvds and books from the library. It means spending hours on the internet poring over blogs and forums, cutting and pasting and printing patterns.

Those are my feelings on this subject, and they needed to be written. I am still working on the colorful granny square afghan, and I just started a pointed afghan, which looks really neat and will be a birthday present for my friend, BL. Pictures soon!!

Time to do some homework.

Happy Sunday!