Sunday, September 5, 2010

O boy!

As Hank Hill says, "I'll tell ya what" you can't keep me away from this computer today! Take blogging from a girl for a few months... Well really, here's what happened since first posting this morning:

I tried to write my ode, and couldn't. For hours, and with a lot of web surfing and side tracks, I couldn't produce a worthy poem. Luckily! I checked my email (out of procrastination) and found my poetry prof emailed everyone saying poems aren't due until tomorrow night, thanks to Labor Day!! Hallelujah!! So with this slight extension, I decided to use my time productively and upload photos of yarn projects (since, obviously, doing anything school related at this point is futile, as I have no motivation for it)


Harmony's Baby Afghan
This happens to be the only afghan I've completed thus far! Granted, it's also teeny tiny for a baby so... it still took me a week to complete.

The afghan consists of 24 double crochet blocks sewn together. The yarn I used was Red Heart's Baby Clouds in various colors (the momma wanted to wait until the baby was born to find the gender, so unisex colors all the way! although, now I know I could have used more blue.... ;) ) This pattern is from Crochet Today's May/June 2010 issue.

To tell the truth, I'm not entirely happy with the outcome. It was supposed to be 25 blocks, making a 5x5 square rather than a rectangle. But I goofed, and well, here you go. I also didn't like the yarn so much, as it was hard to see stitches, especially when it came time to sew blocks together. So it ultimately looks uneven and cinched in spots.

Ginormous Granny Square!!!
oh my gosh. I 100% LOVE granny squares!!! Especially gigantic ones where I don't have to change yarn color after only a few minutes of crocheting (with this one, three rows of color requires about half a skein or more!). The great thing about granny squares is you can use up extra yarn, which is exactly why I started this afghan. You can even see in places where I ran out of the "extra" yarn and needed to start with a new color mid-row.

Mostly I just love the colors! And it's at the point where it covers me waist to leg when I sit on the couch, so it's already keeping me warm ^-^

Since I never have to go through a stitch (except at one corner) I sometimes get lonesome for "ordinary" crocheting, so I started up another afghan:

Knit and Crochet TV sampler afghan
This picture turned out rather dark, but can see I have eight blocks already! Even though I swore off block afghans after the baby afghan, I thought this would be an excellent and beautiful afghan, and that I need suck it up and work on my sewing ability, because someday I want to alter dresses, and I'll need to sew for that. Plus, someday I also want to make a real life Granny Square afghan, not the fake ones that I've been getting away with.

This square is way easy and I'll probably make one in every color!

Seascape, Starshine, or something like that:
This one was an absolute bugger!! It doesn't even look like a square, does it? I love the pattern, but it looks like I kept missing a few stitches on the ends, which makes it angled. O well. I think it'll still look nice when it's all said and done.

Granny Square:
Honestly, what sampler afghan is complete without one of these? I'm not too pleased with the color combo, so I'll definitely crochet another one with my darker purple.

Weird, I didn't take a photo of the yellow rib I have... but I also have a yellow ribbed square. This one is ribbed also, but I decided to shake things up with rows of color! Believe it or not, that's a subtle shade of yellow and not white. The thin rows look white in the photo.

Knitted Square *gasp!
Yes, sigh... I've picked up my knitting needles again. Knit and Crochet TV has both a crochet and knit sampler afghan, and they are both so beautiful. I looked at the knitted patterns, and omg I'm not even going there. So I thought a nice stockinette stitch among all those crocheted squares would neat! Plus, I can handle plain Jane, stockinette!

And I realize I didn't take any photos of the shell squares... which in the picture of all squares are the light and dark purple ones. O well. I'm not too fond of them anyway, but they give a nice diversity to the afghan.

Believe it or not, I'm still crocheting away at the brown and cream striped afghan that I started months ago...actually I'm not "crocheting away" per se, as I haven't looked at in since June. But I haven't given up on it yet!!

That's all for today. From now on, I'd like to get in the habit of posting everyday, but not necessarily about crochet.

Happy Sunday!