Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ohisashiburi desu ne!!

It's been a long time! (at least in my head) Honestly, for a while blogging was a bit unappealing to me, partially because I was without an internet connection for a few months. But I was also undergoing a bunch of stress from moving into a new apartment and trying to shake off the old landlord (who I had a scary dream about last night...something to do with a past due bill... *shudder). Recently, however, my faith in blogging has been somewhat restored as I reread over my past entries and found them to be, surprisingly, interesting. I like the fact that I recorded my projects with pictures and tribulations. Boy, do I have a ton of pictures to upload of my new projects! I will get on that this weekend, as I have a nice and long three-day weekend! (unfortunately, even though I have Monday off from both work and school, I have to work Saturday >=P )

Also, I found such a cool blog, New Dress A Day and not only has it repeaked my interest in sewing, but I love the blogger's dialogue to her readers. She takes garments found at garage sales or thrift stores and tweaks them on her sewing machine so they fit and are fashionable once again. If a fabric was initially well-made, then it seems like the most just thing to keep it in action rather than simply throw it away. The great thing about New Dress A Day, is that she makes it seem so simple to alter garments, with lots of photos and descriptions of what alterations she made, and the reasoning. Once I find a bit more free time, I'm definitely going to alter some things! I already have a few pieces in mind =)

I took this photo one late night with my boyfriend, during a lively session of bubble-blowing. The soapy water (in Tupperware) was sitting on top of this business card from Mariposa Studio in Missoula. I like the bubbles over the image.

I'm not going to lie, another reason why I decided to blog this morning was to help get my creative juices moving, as I need to write an ode to an everyday subject, and submit it to my poetry professor by seven pm tonight, so it can be reviewed, critiqued, and discussed with my classmates on Tuesday evening. Gah. My in-class ode was to my crochet hook, but it didn't look very promising as a real poem.

Brr!! It's chilly today! The five day forecast said this weekend was supposed to be in the 80*s!! More like the mid 60*s with a chilly breeze. Well, it looks like my roommate is getting busy moving his new bed in today, so I better start my day officially (with outside clothes. And I should probably brush my hair too). Today I'm driving to my parents house to wash clothes, and grab/drop a few things off. Hopefully I'll find inspiration there to write an ode. And read the first half of N. Scott Momaday's The Names for Native American literature.

Jaa ne!!