Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spring is Coming!

hehe... I knew that if I made a fuss about our spring-like winter something would happen...and it snowed!! I am very, very happy :) We are also expected to receive below zero weather this week so I'm planning to make some crock pot stews soon.

Last night I finished my Spring is Coming socks:


Pattern: an improvised, basic vanilla sock, 64 stitches, cuff down
Yarn: Crazy Zauberball in Spring is Here
Needles: 2.25 mm Hiya Hiya Sharps, 32" circular
3/13 pairs for 2014


I LOVE them! The Crazy Zauberball is my new favorite yarn. There is just something wonderful and cozy and happy about how the color changes from one to the next...


I still very much enjoyed knitting these one at a time, and I'm planning my next OAAT pair.


I am still working on Socks on a Plane. I knit my first Fish Lips Kiss Heels on them and it went so well! I forgot to take a photo, but maybe next time I blog they will be finished! The FLK heel fits me very well and I am planning to use it again. However, one of my problems with toe up socks is the soles always end up longer than a pair that was knit cuff down! Does that make sense? It drives me nuts when I wash the week's worth of socks, and I can tell which ones were knit toe up. They still fit me well, but the foot really grows when wet. Where I am going with this is, these Socks on a Plane socks have super long feet!!! I suppose my remedy is to just start the heel sooner. Does this happen to anyone else?

Last week I noticed I had forgotten to cross a cable about twenty rows down. At first I was going to leave it because I didn't think I would be able to fix it! I did a little Googling, frogged down, and am so glad I did!!

Oh noooo! I forgot to cross a cable and decided I couldn't live with it. Oh well. Good news, I knit my first Fish Lips Kiss Heels today!!!

It was very thrilling and so much easier than I expected. The biggest thing is being able to read the cable and know when to cross. I used two dpns to rework the stitches.

I have learned my yarn diet lesson: it does more harm than good...


from left to right: Liberty's Yarn Jabbersocky in Yule, Liberty's Yarn Sockingbird in Montol, Black Market Wool in No Use for a Name and H2 Go, iKNITiatives in Visions of Spring Flowers

I think I would have similar results if I ever went on a real diet. No chocolate bar or bowl of gravy would be safe. 


It's safe to say I'm ditching my yarn diet. I did go about one whole month without any yarn purchases though :) and then I went waaaaay overboard (I still have a box coming in the mail). I did look at my expenses in January and am planning a budget (this is boring stuff, I know). It will feel better buying yarn without overspending.

Ok! I must make a taco dip to bring to the Superbowl Party!!
Go Peyton! :)