Thursday, January 23, 2014

more WIPs than FOs ... C'est la vie

January in Montana is feeling a whole lot like SPRING. It's really weird and while I love the sunny days, I am also missing the snow that I know we should be receiving this time of year.

I have been working on many WIPs.

Spring is coming

I finished my first one at a time sock! I know why two at a time appeals to me, because I can be willy nilly about the leg length, or if I want to make my toe this pointy instead of that. I can just knit it how I like and not give a second thought to those measurements. But with one at a time, I am forcing myself to keep diligent notes to help with the second sock. It will drive me crazy if one has a longer leg than the other. That said, I am really enjoying the process of these socks :) I have definitely become a ginormous Crazy Zauberball fan!!

After finishing the first, I immediately cast on the second sock:

Spring is coming

and then I cast on three new projects... :):):)

The first is Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman, in A Yarn Loving Mama's Volcano of Love sock yarn:

Socks on a Plane

I am so in love with this yarn!! All of the speckles make me so happy! I am also enjoying this pattern very much! They are my first cabled socks and I am cabling without a needle, oh yeah! I learned how to from Leethal Knits tutorial. It has made me so excited about cables that I can't wait to knit more this way.

Socks on a Plane
stitch marker by AYLM too, isn't it so pretty?

These socks were unplanned and not on my 2014 socks list... but I couldn't resist the KAL on IG and Rav for them!! They will probably take me through February to complete. I am planning to do my first Fish Lips Kiss Heel on them. I am always the last to the party on trends but I am very excited to try this heel!

The second cast on is a Hitchhiker in my handspun!!

handspun hitchhiker!

It was spun during the Tour de Fleece in 2013. It is 100% merino and I have about 372 yards. I might use another handspun to finish, because I'm sure I will run out of yarn. This is my first project knitting with my handspun and it is so wonderful. I love knowing I spun the yarn...and the idea still trips me up sometimes.

handspun hitchhiker!

I haven't made much progress on my third cast on because I ended up frogging what I had knit and going down a needle size, but I will tell you that it is a test knit! And I am using more kool-aid dyed yarn.

As far as finished objects, I have two!

Weasley Homestead

Pattern: The Weasley Homestead by Erica Lueder
Yarn: KP Bare handdyed with Kool-Aid
Needles: 2.25 mm TAAT
Modifications: none

I also finished my first ever cross stitch sampler:

Woodland sampler 2013

Woo hoo!!! It is the Woodland Sampler by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery. I adore it. I framed and hung it over my yarn stash, next to a photo of my gram. It was not in my budget to have this professionally framed, so I bought a frame that holds three 5x7" photos, removed the matting, and it fits perfectly. It took a little ironing to keep the edges tucked in. yay!

One last thing, we tried this recipe from Skinnytaste last is so good I made them again:

not the prettiest photo but Skinnytaste's Sweet Potato Irish Nachos are seriously delicious!!!!
sweet potato Irish nachos.......... :)


What have you been up to? xx