Wednesday, February 12, 2014

sock drawer claims one more

Woo! one more day in this work week for me! I covered a few days for my co-worker and so I will have a four day weekend :)

I finished a pair of socks that are perfect for Valentine's Day:


Pattern: Socks on a Plane by Laura Linneman
Yarn: A Yarn Loving Mama in Volcano of Love
Modifications: I used a Fish Lips Kiss Heel instead of pattern's written heel
this is pair four of thirteen pairs I hope to knit this year!


I learned to cable without a needle and that was pretty thrilling :) It made it much faster to knit and waaay less fiddly.


the heel:

I really enjoyed learning how to knit the Fish Lips Kiss Heel and it fits me very well. I want to knit more socks with this heel!


As far as WIPs, I knit on I ♥ Canada a lot this week:


(sshhhh...I knit on it while I was working... I kept it with my coat in the file room, and every time I needed a little destressing, I knit a few rows....)

and I cast on a pair of Monkeys:

It is a pattern I've been meaning to knit for a long time and am finally doing it! The yarn is handdyed by iKNITiatives and the colorway is called Visions of Spring Flowers. 
This pair is for Sock Hockey in the Ravellenics! Are you playing? 


About the knitting journal, it was a gift from a friend:

the front
I have never kept a knitting journal before, but now that I am, I find it incredibly handy. I glue the tag with a sample of the yarn to each project page, along with pattern information, modifications, amount of yarn used, and so on. In the first few pages, there's a list of the monthly sock patterns I want to knit, and on another is a record of things I have actually knit this year.

The first Ravellenic project I completed was an Aerial Unwind:

First Ravellenics project: Aerial Unwind of Rockefeller #ravellenics  #ravellenics2014 #teaminstaravlovers

I decided Rockefeller just wasn't for me. It's a little nostalgic, as it was my first mystery KAL.... but I'm over it!! I plan to dye the white yarn, and knit socks from the other two skeins! The yarn is Mountain Colors if anybody is curious.


Doesn't the middle skein remind you of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles??

In other news, it appears Knit Picks is discontinuing their Felici sock line, or at least, discontinuing all current colorways and possibly returning with new colorways. It frustrates me that a public announcement is never made about yarns they will no longer make.

I did panic..... :

I stocked up on Felici because it's being discontinued

I hope everybody stays warm and dry this week! xx