Friday, April 12, 2013


This has been such an off week for me and it has really tested my patience... I am so happy it's FRIDAY!

Since the third clue for the mystery mitts Grand Right & Left was released today, I can share clue two!

Clue two -- Grand Right & Left mystery mitts

I LOVE the cable on the top so much! How pretty is this design?! I finished knitting this clue last Saturday and it was hard waiting a week for the next clue!

You might notice my blue nails...they are so bright! They were part of my April Julep box; the color is called Ally. I normally don't wear polish this bold or bright, but after wearing it this week, I'm really enjoying it! The Julep monthly box is really neat, you can choose which colors you like and the company sends you two polishes and something extra (like cuticle cream) for $20. (if you're interested in signing up, click here)

One last thing, my parents are raising two pigs!!


About five weeks old now, they are cute and oinky and they squeal!!

Be ready for some piggie spam!! My parents are raising two pigs

Happy Weekend!

(I don't know how to tactfully say this, but the pigs will be eaten).