Thursday, October 18, 2012


Last night was Books Crafts Wine Snacks Club and as always, it was fabulous. Autumn held it at her house and she is the best hostess of us all:

so festive and spooky!
These quinoa cakes are amaze-balls!!! As soon as Autumn sends out the recipe link I will post it here because they are fantastic! I could have eaten the whole plate:

quinoa cakes soooo good

how cute are these napkins and plates!? and the ghost mug hehe

We celebrated Abbey's birthday too! No candles, but we all sang a very spirited Happy Birthday to her :)
(our singing needs work)

birthday girl is allowed to do this
do you see the bloody handprints on the glass? scaaaaary!
 Autumn made a red velvet cake and used GLITTER icing! 

cute decorations

I was the only one who crafted, though I suspect other girls brought something and just didn't bring it out... These mittens are part of KnitPsycho's Finish or Frogtober KAL on Ravelry:

my craft ...arg

As the name suggests, for the KAL you must either finish or frog an unfinished object that was started before September 1 of this year. No problem, since I started these October 2011! All they need is the green double stitching.

We began discussion on our book Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and will finish discussing it at next meeting since not everyone had time to finish it. I am really eager to know what the other clubbers think about the ending.

That's all for now, Happy Thursday!