Saturday, October 6, 2012

Big decisions

Some of you might know, I've told a few, that I am going back to school for my English teaching degree! It's something I thought about while in school, and then after I graduated, and then now, while I'm just working. I am just not content with my job, even though it leaves me plenty of time to read and knit, which I've thoroughly enjoyed and will miss. My parents and friends and boyfriend have been supportive, which has been beyond super.

I can start taking classes this January and then hopefully be accepted into the College of Education. In the meantime, I will be filling out my application and trying to volunteer to work with youth. That is one of the factors in being admitted, your experience working with kids. And since I don't have much experience I'm eager to find some.

Well, I guess it's pretty much official, now that I've blogged about it ;)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!