Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween swap!

Wheeee! A fabulous package from my stitch marker swap partner:

Halloween Swap!

My partner added a TON of extra Halloween treats for me :) Some of the items she sent me:

cute flag :)

these are the greatest stitch markers!!

And I love this reversible bag she made:

Halloween WIP bag!
Daybreak in progress

Halloween and something for the rest of the year:

reversible WIP bag
so cute!!!

I just wanted to share these great items with you :) My partner was a great swapper and I am overwhelmed by her generosity and thoughtfulness <3 br="br">


Today our furnace was replaced because our landlord wanted us to have a new one (the old one was over 30 years old but still worked. Just not very efficiently :) ). Now we have a high tech, fancy thermostat with programmable temperatures for when we leave and return home, and it's supposed to be much more efficient. The installers warned me that the first time it kicks on, it would set the smoke alarms off. And it did. I had all the windows open and every fan going, and I was running back and forth fanning them for what seemed like a long time (for the record, they are really loud). I am so thankful our landlord decided to replace it because I think this is a really good furnace :)

And I am officially signed up to take classes in January, yahoo!

Goodnight, early rise tomorrow :)