Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Things

1. A notebook to use as a knitting journal. I like it because it has grid paper, which I love anyway, but it's perfect for charting designs and pictures. Someday I might blog more about it, and whether I like using a knitting journal. It's still a new thing for me, but I kind of already journal about my knitting here and on Ravelry. But you know me, I love pen and paper =)

2. This book:

I am so very, very excited about this book!! It's authored by Melissa Leapman. Mastering Color Knitting has tips and designs for Intarsia, Double Knitting (to make the design on a fabric reversible!), and Fair Isle. I really wish I would have known about this book when I first started color work, definitely would've helped.

3. I swiped creamer from work. I'm enjoying it in my coffee right now. It's the kind that comes in little plastic cups and is vanilla flavored ^-^ but it makes me feel like Linda from Better off Ted...

So those are my new things. I'm spending my day off catching up on school reading and knitting (...duh!).

Happy Weekend =)