Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FO: Griz Mitts for KayCee H.

Man. Have I been on a small knitting hiatus. No clue why. Unfortunately it happened smack in between knitting a pair of mittens. I believe this is what they call "Second Sock (er..mitten) Syndrome." Fortunately, I kept thinking about my friend KayCee and her twin babies on the way, and knew I must finish these.

Ok...enough chit chat, here they are!!! First Finished Object (FO) of February!

Griz Mitts
Juust another silver

2011 Knit Challenge: 6 down, 54 to go!

Griz Mitts

KayCee really liked the first pair of Mock-Cable wristers I made and wanted some in Griz colors. I couldn't say no =)

Griz Mitts

I used Patons Classic Wool, in a grayish and a maroonish color (I think the actual name is Plum Heather, or something). I threw the ball bands with the information away. oops. I really like the different tones in the maroon. Sometimes Patons can be on the opaque side, but this one is very rich.

It seems silly to be knitting woolen things on the brink of spring, especially when we had a full day of sunshine and warmth yesterday. But then the weather goes around and snows on us. So it must not be too silly for hats and mittens still =)