Saturday, July 12, 2014

Turkey precious and handspun

Hello there! Is it hot everywhere else too? :) We're coping by waking up early enough to work on chores while it's still cool in the morning. We have fans running in two windows to help pull in cooler air (we are a/c-less). I have all but unplugged the oven ;) how do you guys keep cool?

It's Tour de Fleece right now! I am not participating as heavily this year due to several knits that must be finished soon. However, I did finish spinning this:

Norm + mystery fiber

It's half Norma and half mystery fiber; both from Sheep on a Spring. I looove the colors!! I always love the colors that Dag uses to dye, very vibrant and cheerful.

Norm + mystery fiber

It's two ply and about 180 yards of sport weight. The yarn contains merino, alpaca, and "everything imaginable from angora to yak" (reads the fiber tag). I don't have plans for this skein yet! I would really like to knit a lot of Christmas gifts from handspun yarn!

Norm + mystery fiber

There are a lot of Tour de Fleece tags on Instagram if anyone is interested in seeing what others are spinning, or looking for spinning inspiration. Among the tags I've seen are:
  • #tdfleece2014 
  • #tdf 
  • #tdf2014 
  • #tourdefleece

This past week I placed my first order to Jimmy Beans Wool, and I am so freaking pleased! The yarn is gorgeous:

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!

I ordered five Unicorn Tails to add to Mrs. Weasley's blanket and a skein of Lorna's Laces in color Edgewater for a long overdue pair of socks for Scott :) the last pair I was knitting for him I ended up frogging halfway it's been over two years since he's received a new pair, yikes.

Everyone talks about how quickly they ship - I ordered on Sunday and had my yarn on Thursday! Of course I Instagrammed my purchase, and JBW reached out and commented. Instantly I loved them.

I can't help but compare JBW to Knit Picks because they are the only two large yarn online companies I've purchased from. While it's likely I'll order from Knit Picks in the future, their shortcomings are glaringly apparent when stacked next to JBW. Anyway.

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!
Madelinetosh Unicorn Tails !!

first Jimmy Beans Wool purchase!
my first skein of Lorna's Laces ♥

I went back and forth on how I wanted to knit his socks. I've been dying to knit a vanilla sock one at a time just to keep in my purse. But I realized I might run out of yarn and was truly worried I might lose my steam after the first sock. I decided on toe up TAAT and I think it's the right decision. I'd like to make them as long as possible.

Scott's socks

I looooooove the colors so much. If these fit me, I would have a hard time parting with them :)

Scott's socks

I've named them Turkey Precious and here's the story the best as I can retell it.

Scott and I had been cracking up over the above video for weeks. Anytime one of us said "potato" in daily life we'd rap the song. So one time we were waiting for the bus to school and had been laughing about po-ta-toes. Then I said something about having turkey for dinner, and Scott honestly said, "What's turkey?" with 100% innocence. We still joke about "what's turkey, precious?" :)

(if that was a horrible story I apologize!!! sometimes it's hard to explain inside jokes!) 

Anyway! His socks are coming along very well. I love working with Lorna's Lace and will definitely purchase more. Uh yeah, I want a pair for myself too.

Berny wishing for winter

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting me!! x