Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hiking and Mrs. Weasley

Hi friends! I wanted to share a few photos from our hike this weekend, and some new photos of Mrs. Weasley's blanket!

We drove down the Bitterroot on Sunday morning and hiked Bear Creek. It's an easy hike that follows alongside the creek.

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

We hiked it once before a few years ago. During that time, it started pouring as soon as we reached the falls. We wouldn't have been worried but we each had a camera (I can't remember if we had brought rain jackets). So we sped down the trail to the car, about 1.5 miles, taking cover under large pines every once in awhile. At one point I skinned my knee on a tree that had fallen over the path and by the time we were back at the trail head, we were soaked!

Thankfully, it was nothing but sunshine when we hiked this past weekend :)

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

I took a photo with my camera's self-timer and it worked great except I didn't see that little plant in front of the lens. Photo bombed!

Bear Creek, Bitterroot 2014

And now, progress on Mrs. Weasley's blanket:


Today I seamed two quadrants together. I had to YouTube how to seam (!!) and I found a superb video:

It really did make an invisible seam, which is important for me because my seaming yarn was a different color.

My invisible seam!!!:






I love love love this blanket ♥