Saturday, July 19, 2014

FOFOFO -- what the Santa of knitting says when you finish something

Hi friends! This has been an excellent week for turning WIPs into FOs! It feels incredibly awesome to have finished these projects. My unfinished object shelf was becoming a little stuffed!

The first FO is my dad's socks! I will post a photo and offer more details after I've given them to him and taken some photos.

The second FO is Echo Lace:


Pattern: Echo Lace by Jenny Johnson Johnen
Yarn: Zitron Filigran in the color light gray
Needles: US 6
Modifications: The pattern calls for 440-880 yards, I used 535 yards. The shawlette version calls for eight repeats and the shawl version calls for thirteen, but I was worried about running out of yarn so I knit ten repeats.


It was my first lace project in lace weight yarn and I think the most challenging aspect was that it commanded my full attention when knitting. I'm more likely to knit something with a simple enough pattern that I can also read or watch tv. Not with this pattern. There were a few times I had an extra (or one less) stitch in a row, and I'd just incorporate it in. I was scared the most that I'd drop a stitch and not be able to work it back up. Thankfully that never happened.

This pattern has nupps, 2into9, and 3into9, which was my first experience with all of them. They weren't too hard but they did take a few tries to get right and get the hang of them. There is an awesome YouTube video that shows how to use a crochet hook to work the nupps instead of your knitting needle that helped me immensely. I did try to work them with my knitting needle, and I made a few, but generally the crochet hook nupps looked neater.


All in all, I love this shawl! It was a difficult project for me, but I am eager to knit one in heavier weight yarn!  


My third FO is another pair of socks.


Pattern: Sunday Swing by Kristel Nyberg
Yarn: Juno Fibre Arts Buffy in the color Lilac Pool
Needles: US 0
Modifications: none

They make pair 15/20. 

This pattern has been in my queue ever since I saw Andi's pair. Not much else to say, I love these socks!

modified Eye of the Partridge heel


The pattern is simple and easy to memorize. It's comprised of yarn overs and knit two together, and for that reason, it's also a good pattern to help you read your knitting.

yeah! finished objects! My dad's socks and Echo Lace were both projects I needed to finish before leaving for vacation, so I'm very relieved I made it. And now I can 100% focus on trip planning, eek! It's mainly going to be a hiking and camping adventure through Washington, Oregon, and into the Redwoods. I am wholly looking forward to new sights, new people, breweries, yarn souvenirs, and spending it all with Scott. We're not leaving for awhile, but you will definitely see all of the photos :)

Happy weekend and thanks so much for visiting me!! x