Sunday, May 4, 2014

a little of everything

Good Sunday afternoon friends!

I'm going to start off with some hand dyeing that I did last week:


I am really excited about these and I have plans to dye up some more too. I received the acid dyes and some bare yarn for my birthday, and after reading Hand Dyeing Yarn and Fleece by Gail Callahan about five times, I finally worked up my nerve! (it is a really good resource, I highly recommend checking it out!)

soon to be socks!

A friend on Instagram and I have made a swap together; socks knit by me (I'm going to use the skein pictured above) in exchange for this yarn she sent me:


A pretty fantastic swap! I am so crazy for Crazy Zauberballs :)

As for WIPs, I have a new shawl on the needles:


The pattern is Picabeau by Jennifer Dassau and it is such a delight to knit! The pattern is super easy to memorize. And it's customizable to how much yarn you have; you start decreasing once you've used half of your yarn! I think that's so cool.

I am using yarn that I won from a My Sister's Knitter KAL. It's Knit Picks Gloss in Guava! It's a really pretty pink and with the yarn's silk content, it should be very cozy!

Hiking socks

Right now I'm knitting a short pair of hiking socks for myself. I want to be able to wear nice, wool socks with shorts and hiking shoes this summer. I think these will do the trick.

Hiking socks

I have used an Eye of the Partridge heel flap... I think it's the prettiest. The yarn is Patons Kroy in Celestial Colors on 2.25 mm needles. I have been keeping this sock in my purse and surprisingly, I've been able to knit on it a lot while running errands.

Progress on my Once Upon a Time sampler:

Once Upon a Time

I've finished April in time for May, yay!! So sweet, isn't it?

Once Upon a Time

But you can see that I still have a few blocks to fill in :) You can find the pattern here.

Guess what? I finished a pair of socks! Only, I have a few ends to weave in.

Lots of ends to weave in for your socks @littlecreatable !!!

heheh :) My goal today is to finish weaving them in. I have one sock's ends woven in, but had to take a break. I really don't mind weaving ends in. I've decided that it looks much neater on the right side than a Russian join. For some reason, I always get a little bump with Russian joins.

Enjoy your week! x