Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Woah, sorry for my blogging absence! I have been completely consumed by the Tour de Fleece and will inundate you with photos at the end of this post.

Lately I've been in a serious knitting funk; nothing appeals to me! I think it's because I have too many projects started and they have lost their excitement. So I've told myself that I must finish two WIPs before I can cast on anything new. Right after I decided this, I read that Andi may be hosting a Finish It Up KAL as well! How does that song go, sweet serendipity? :)

(I'm actually not sure the lyrics fit this situation... I'm listening to the song right now...)

The two projects I've most recently been knitting on:


Scott's socks. I like these because they are mindless knitting and am not really in a hurry to finish them because I know they are huge and will take some time. 


and my aunt's Hitchhiker in Madeline Tosh. The color is so gorgeous, I think she will really enjoy it.



Just to give you an idea, the WIP list that I am trying to whittle away at has 16 items ! (four listed are cross stitch projects though) wish me luck?

Ok! Now for Tour de Fleece photos! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen these so I apologize!


so far I have finished four different yarns! The top purple I wrote about in my last post, and also, embarrassingly calculated incorrect yardage for it! It actually has 372 yards, not the 500 I wrote. Math and I do not go together. The gray skein is Knit Picks Special Reserve Full Circle in Wolf. I ended up with 122 yards from 3.3 oz. The lighter purple is 100% alpaca and was so dreamy to spin! I don't think I calculated yardage ... And lastly, 8 oz of pure merino love:


I finished reskeining these bad boys this morning! I have 630 yards of a fingering/sportish weight. This is undyed merino that I received with the purchase of my Louet Victoria spinning wheel! I would really like to dye each skein a different color and then knit a shawl! I have Daybreak in mind, but may change to a pattern I haven't knit yet. Who knows!

Wishing all of you a happy Wednesday :)