Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a new adventure!

Hi friends! We woke up to snow! Today will be spent being cozy on the couch, knitting, with Berny :)

I thought I had written about my new adventure, but I just looked back through the posts and realize I haven't! So, my adventure is that I'm learning how to .......

........................ drum roll ..............................


A lot of friends on Instagram are spinners and I'm so envious of their gorgeous handspun yarns! And it makes me really excited to think about knitting with yarn that I've spun - I think that's the coolest thing. Ever. I'm learning on a drop spindle and roving that I purchased from Joseph's Coat:

Gone spinning, see you soon :)

I honestly can't remember what kind of wool this is, but I want to say it's BFL. There are little seeds and bits of grass in it... which I kind of like because it gives the wool a natural feeling, yet, I don't want it in my yarn! I had an option to take a class with the LYS owner, but for now, I think I will practice on my own. I borrowed a few spinning books from the library and have been watching a lot of videos on YouTube. I really like Tanya's 'Learn to Draft Fiber' video:

(Tanya is also the owner of A Yarn Loving Mama Etsy shop and has beautiful handmade drop spindles, roving, and stitch markers)

I've spun about half of the blue roving so far! My first spindles-worth is lumpy, uneven, and has too much spin in it - but I'm going to keep it :) I started again, being more mindful of keeping it smooth and putting less spin in. It is slow going because I don't practice every day... I think that might change because I just received this gorgeous hand-dyed roving from Amanda at Pretty Penny Fiber Arts:

New roving from @mommako!

So lush! They are incredibly squishy and smooth and beautiful... I just love them. I am peeing myself because I want to spin them so badly, but I also don't want to undo their perfect little braids!

Stay warm and safe out there!