Sunday, April 29, 2012

Some progress

Last night I started my journal:

Love new Moleskins! This one is going to become a five (or longer)-year, one-sentence journal. Basing it on the Happiness Project.

I love Moleskins, especially these gridded ones! I've been using them for the past five or six years -for note taking, as an agenda, and for creative writing. Without having read the Happiness Project or knowing much about it, I think it has been so successful for some people because it makes them summarize their day in just a few sentences, forcing them to think about the key moments of that day. Hopefully, we have more positive moments than negative, and so if you are always focusing on those moments you would be happier. This is probably how I'm going to focus my entries :)

Last night I made a tuna cheese casserole:

Tuna noodle cheese casserole
it just has tuna, peas, noodles, cream of potato soup, and shredded cheese! simple and delish

and decided why I like Christmas music so much: it's cheery and has so many good connotations. And from now on (I've decided) when it's gloomy and dark outside, I'm going to play my Christmas station on Pandora and feel cheery :) It worked like a charm yesterday!

Today we filled one of the planters with soil:

It's on our front steps, right outside of the door.

It's compost, soil, and peat moss. After I took this photo, we mixed it all together the best we could. This box will have peas, spinach, and marigolds. Right above the box (on the underside of the railing) is a wasp nest. I am torn about it; I want the bees to pollinate the vegetables and flowers, but I don't want to be so near to them, especially as Scott is allergic to them.


And I finally took a photo of our origami boxes! Cute, huh? We cheated and used staples to hold the tops down.

Today I also took a few photos of my more exciting stash yarn to upload on my Ravelry stash page. When I first joined Ravelry I didn't understand why anyone would want to take photos of yarn! (ridiculous, I know.) But after meeting Andi and drooling over her beautiful stashed yarn on Flickr, I've decided it's a great idea! It's nice to have a pictorial representation of the yarn and not just the written name. Of course, it didn't take long to photograph my exciting yarn because most of my stash is boring yarns :)

Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I'm off to knit some bunny legs.