Monday, March 26, 2012

Baldwin III

Remember my friend who asked for this monster for her nephew:

She wants two more for her boyfriend's nieces! They are two and six years old, and they each picked out color yarns they like the best. And of course, they both picked Red Heart.

Normally I have nothing against Red Heart or acrylic yarn. In fact, it's what I've primarily use to crochet my afghans. It's so durable, there are plenty of colors, and it's what my grandma used. But acrylic on wood needles? Blech. I had knit my friend's first Baldwin (with Red Heart) on my Knit Picks Harmony's, and it was tortuous. It squeaked, it stuck, and I swore never again.

And so I cried a little when my friend came over with two skeins of Red Heart. But since it's for the children, I went out and bought some double pointed aluminum needles. They worked great until I had to join feet with legs...and I caved and switched to the circular. But it's the same thing, sticking and squeaking, and I'm throwing in the towel.

I just put my Knit Picks order in for a set of US 6 nickel plated tips. Gosh, I hope they arrive soon!