Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ball Winder

It's in the mail!!!

Well, almost. I just ordered this from Knit Picks:

via Knit Picks
It's the Royal Ball Winder and I can't wait! I have been reading reviews on different ball winders for months now and I really think this is a good choice. You have no idea how excited I am to wind all my yarn into cute little cakes and make my yarn shelf tidy!!

Obviously, if I had the room and could afford it, this is the one I'd pick in a heartbeat:

via Strauch Fiber Equipment Co

But it's $130 and the base is 15" long --- ok, so I could afford it and I would obviously find room for it, but right now, I don't need something this heavy duty. Someday though, I will own this. I like that the components are simple and there's no plastic involved (which is basically the opposite of what mine will be ha!). All the comments I've read about this winder have been positive. And the great thing is that it can wind jumbo balls of yarn, whereas most other winders can only handle 50 gram balls. For now, I am not too worried about this. Most skeins I buy at the yarn store are 100 grams, so I will just have to wind two smaller balls. 

I opted for Knit Picks free shipping for orders over $50 rather than pay rush delivery. So now all I have to do is wait 5-14 business days.

squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥