Friday, June 7, 2013


Handspun yarn
my hand spun yarn!

I was never going to spin yarn because I always said I could just buy yarn all ready made. And then I bought a drop spindle and spun these...

Handspun yarn


and then I had to have a wheel...


This is a Louet Victoria I purchased from one of Missoula's local yarn stores. She is petite, folds up so nicely, and is wonderful to spin on!! I always thought spinning wheels were heavy and immovable, but not so.

Spinning matches my kefir smoothie!  Ohemgee this wheel is so fun to spin on!!

Handspun yarn

My first yarn spun on my wheel!

Handspun yarn

This one I started on the drop spindle and finished on the wheel. I over plied it, but I still think it's my best spinning yet!

I. Love. Spinning. So much. Each time I improve and learn something. I just cast on with some of my hand spun, a bunny nugget:

Knitting with my handspun for the first time! It so cool!! #bunnynugget

and it is so cool to knit with it! One of the coolest things :)

I also said I would never own a Kindle (love mine), never knit a sweater (in progress, but am loving it and have purchased a quantity of MadTosh for an Abalone), never knit socks (well, you know how that one's going) ....

my updated list of nevers is, I will never knit color work socks or a fingering weight cardigan ;)

Happy Weekend friends!!!!!