Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Proposed knitting

My dear knitting and Instagram friend, Jenn, is celebrating her one year blogging anniversary on Knitwise, Purlwise! Congrats Jenn!! To celebrate, she is holding a pattern giveaway each week (so go enter and check out her blog!!) :)

I won last week's and Jenn gifted me Pendulum! It is a gorgeous, swoopy shawl that will be perfect to cover my shoulders this summer. I already have yarn for it too.



It's Cascade Heritage in Turquoise and Charcoal. Originally they were to be a Great Divide shawl for my aunt, but the more I knit, the less I thought she'd like the color combo (the turquoise is really hard to photograph!). BUT, I think these two will be perfect as Pendulum.......for me....

I couldn't help myself; these are for #greatdividekal ! #greatdivideshawl when I was at the LYS, I got a potential job offer to work there!!!

I'd love to cast on right now but I know that's not realistic. As soon as I tame the WIP pile I will cast on immediately!

(and just so you don't think I left my aunt without, she will be receiving a Hitchhiker in MadTosh instead...in a lovely light gray that I think will suit her much better :) )

Thank you again, Jenn!!!